Thursday, February 23, 2006


Stepping out on a (political) limb that I vigorously avoid, I've yet been carrying a thought that I have to blog to rid my brain of it. When Bush said that we must reduce our dependence on foreign oil, I could not help thinking "we need to reduce our dependence on oil". Period. It would be to no purpose to rely only on domestic oil if Greenland and the North Pole melt, and global warming continues.

I will admit that on very cold winter mornings, followed by a very, unseasonably warm afternoon, I've had the thought "I'm all for global warming". I'm not a cold weather person. In fact, where in the hell, excuse me, did anyone get the idea that hell is HOT? For me, Hades would be cold. Frozen ice with no hot showers.

Still, trying to be environmentally sound, I looked into the cost of installing solar panels on our house. No wonder we need oil! Have you ever priced it? I like the idea of independence from the "Grid" but I've been spoiled by Walmart prices. Something like $11, 000 should get me some relief from my ballooning electric bill.

Most Americans, however, don't even have a clue just how dependent on oil we are. Addiction is a good term, for we even eat oil. Think you don't? If you eat anything with artificial dyes, then you eat oil. It's in a great deal of our products, albeit hidden by long organic chemistry terms.
Well, dinner is ready - chicken broccoli casserole with rice - and the natives are restless, so I must go.

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