Tuesday, February 14, 2006


While cooking dinner, I listen to NPR's All Things Considered. I laughed when I heard Commentator Julie Zickefoose (don't you just love that name?) talking about how she and her husband, both bloggers, save up things that happen to them and fight over who gets to blog about it. Like her, as my day goes on, I save in my mind any quotes that might be "blog-worthy" or funny observances.

Like most things in my life, I attack blogging like a job. I imagine my "readers" hanging on my very word, being disappointed that I didn't post one day. Reality sets in when you talk to those very people and realize they don't even remember that you have a blog! LOL Perhaps, it is because I assiduously don't write about people I know outside my immediate family, dh and kids, for fear they'll see themselves in the funny pages.

Still, readers or not, I blog because I am. Because I have to. It is some kind of weird obsession. It is addicting. I guess I'm not alone in that. Click here to listen on NPR.

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