Saturday, February 11, 2006

Seat Up or Down?

All my life, I've heard females complaining about males in their family leaving the toilet seat up. This is one whine with which I cannot identify. I need to get my boy to put the seat UP to begin with. A friend with boys said that evidently, I've not had the pleasure of sitting on cold porcelain and having my butt hit cold water. No, I haven't, as dh has always been thoughtful in this regard. I now, however, have the pleasure of sitting on a wet seat after my four year old has liberably sprinkled it.

As for the toilet paper debate (hang over or hang under), I won't even go there. If you are lucky enough to have anyone who will put the toilet paper on a roller (so that it doesn't instead get perched on the back of the toilet where it inevitably falls into the toilet) don't EVEN complain to me about which way it rolls.

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