Sunday, February 05, 2006

Martha Stewart Doesn't Live Here

Today is the big day - yup, Super Bowl Sunday. Despite my loud pronouncement that "I'll NEVER do this again" during preparations for our last party, we have several couples (friends of dh from work) coming over to watch football on TV. So, I haven't much time to blog today, for it is time to bring out the big guns - get the bulldozer out and CLEAN!

Yes, I do know about Flylady, and she does buzz around my house periodically. My sink is clean. Flylady doesn't, evidently, homeschool (books everywhere), have children who eat like deer (grazers) or enjoy cooking (dishes everywhere), or a four year old that spills milk, plays with dried beans with his tractors and says "Hey, mommy, look at how the beans skid on the floor when I throw them". I have been decluttering, but really, that's not my major area of insecurity.

You see, decorating is not my cup of tea. We live in the country. We live on a mini-farm. My idea of decorating is removing the mud from the stairs daily. The women coming over today have all moved beyond toddlerhood in their families. In fact, some are nearly empty-nesters. One has a son at Purdue (will my kids get past high school?) and lives in a perfectly clean home that while there, you have to remind yourself you are not in a furniture store display. She probably even knows where her remote control is. Another owns her own home embroidery business. I'm lucky to have time to check my email. She is always perfectly attired and coiffed. I'm a likely candidate for What Not to Wear.

Well, it back to work for me. Hi ho, hi ho....

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FatcatPaulanne said...

Gosh, I think we must be twins. At least our houses may be. Mines a mess too. I just re-subscribed to the Flylady list, but she doesn't actually come and clean your house for you, which is really what I need!


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