Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Poor Baby

Wm has a very bad ear infection today. I dragged him kicking and screaming, literally, into the doctor's office. He kept yelling, "I don't want to be here." Finally, calmed down, he handled it all very well (and after I assured him that they don't give shots for ear infections).

While waiting, we heard a car playing very loud music outside the window of the examining room. You know the type, where the car is practically vibrating with the sound and all you can hear is the base. Rap music, in this case. I asked Will if he could hear the music. "That's not music," he said. "It's someone's heartbeat."

Later, we heard a baby screaming. I asked if he heard it crying. He replied, "I think someone is taking a shot at her."

Anyway, with a little medicine, and a lot of luck, that ear will soon be healed and I'll get some sleep tonight.

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