Monday, February 20, 2006

"Still Waters Run Deep"

As part of Lauren's high school studies, we are working on "Career Studies". My wise advisors on La Leche League Leaders that homeschool email list (yes, there is such a thing) recommended the book Do What You Are : Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type--Revised and Updated Edition Featuring E-careers for the 21st Century . It suggests looking at careers based on what or who you are.

According to an online Jung Typology Test , and as I've tested time and again for the past 15 years, I am an INFP. The title of that chapter is "Still Waters Run Deep". My "I" is rather weak, and I most likely slip into ENFP frequently or "Anything's Possible". I think maybe I'm an ENFP when I have energy, and INFP when I tire! I like that a lot of ENFPs are comedians, for I enjoy humor, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, is thought to have been an INFP, although there is so little written about her really I don't know how they reached this conclusion.

Interestingly, neither is consistent with a career in engineering, which is where I was steered when I was in high school. While I enjoyed math and science, I never did enjoy this field and slipped into management and organizational development, both career choices for NFPs, soon after college. I hope to guide my children more wisely.
My challeges are to:
  • Develop realistic expectations
  • Value compromise
  • Not take things so personally
  • Follow through

I think following through is my biggest challenge. Interestingly, my dh is the exact opposite of my type, ISTJ, and the exact same as my father. What would Freud say about that?

By now you are thinking - This is for Lauren's career studies? Yes, it is and she did do the test. I do feel that adults need to try to understand themselves in order to mentor others. Anyway, Lauren is an ENFJ. She's read the typology and seems to identify with it. Next, we'll be reading through the chapter and discussing the types of careers that might fit an ENFJ.

Anna, at age 12, interestingly scored a 1% on each indicator, so it is hard to say what type she really is. I suppose she's still forming her opinion, but I know her well enough to say that the I is full cemented, so perhaps the dilemma lays in the way she answered the questions.

I finished reading:
The Betrayal by Beverly Lewis
The Sacrifice by Beverly Lewis

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