Monday, March 22, 2010

Career or Hobby?

Looming college bills has me considering whether I can squeeze blood from this turnip money from this blog.  I'm guessing not, and that Lauren and I will have to consider other ways to earn.  (Dh jokingly suggested we get a webcam.  Desperate times might call for desperate measures, but there are limits.)

AdSense has a balance of $76 (which you cannot claim until it (or you) reaches 100.)  With 1224 posts, and if you calculate that I've averaged 30 minutes per post (although sometimes more, and not including "head time"), I figure I've made about $0.12 per hour.  Of course, making money this way depends on driving up traffic on one's blog and actually having visitors click an ad, which presents another dilemma.

Should I expose my blog?  Should I drive up traffic?  There is an article on called Strip Blogging:  How Naked Do You Get?  Now, before you think I've taken dh up on his suggestion of a webcam, this article discusses just how much of one's life should be revealed in a blog.  Obviously, I share only some parts of my life by blog.  We are not doing a reality TV show here (though that's also occurred to me).  I'm concerned - is there a danger?

I have thought of sending choice blogs to a local paper, asking only for a link to my blog as payment.  They get a free article, my traffic goes up.  Yet, the convicted felon around the corner bothers me (and he's one the one that got caught.  How many haven't?)  And if any of you reading this are creeps, I have a brown belt in tae kwon do.  And so does my husband.  Really.

I am looking at other writing opportunities, such as Suite101, and the reviews are mixed.  Some people make money, some don't.  It isn't exactly the type of writing I want to do.  It is, however, safer.  Or is it?  One side benefit to writing there is that it will drive traffic to your blog.

In the olden days, Erma Bombeck made a living writing about her family with her tongue in cheek.  Yet, few people really knew where she lived or had photos of her children.  On the other hand, the Internet allows there to be many (mostly undiscovered) Bombecks out there.  Perhaps it is time to break out of this small window.


pita-woman said...

Hmm, perhaps you could rent out some pasture space? Sell used chickens. Ad space on the side of your barn. Or, do you really need to sleep?, you could get a 3rd shift job.
No, I don't envy you having 2 kids getting ready to go off to college.

pita-woman said...

I sent you an email about a possible money-maker for the musician in the family.
But the ad-space on the barn/comment got me to thinking. With daughter #2's talent for painting, ever thought of having her paint a mural or something on the barn? Something like that picture she did recently of the horses would be a real eye-catcher!

whitetr6 said...

Well, you have a gift for writing as this very funny piece illustrates. But I suspect the only ones making any cash blogging are the ones writing books on how to make money blogging.

Personally, my new philosophy is just spend like a drunken sailor - I understand we're all gonna die in 2012 anyway, right?

If by some chance that doesn't happen though, take comfort in the futures of your talented artists. I recently read a book called "A Whole New Mind" in which the author Daniel Pink asserts that the future will be shaped and directed by the upcoming "right-brainers", or at least by those who understand how to apply creative thinking to complex problems.

I guess I should be spending more time practicing my music and less keeping computers running. Gotta exercise that right side a bit more.

Cloudia said...

Making money with music? Do TELL?!

Cloudia said...

I deleted a comment from today's post because the comentor (another Hawaii resident) used my husband's name in her comment. I'm getting a new 2-wheeler but will not describe it, and though I talk about where my boat is, I never give my dock, etc.... I wanna keep it safe.

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Junosmom said...

Whitetr6 - heard you were gifted musician, so yes, you should keep it up!

Pita - responding by email. Thank you for thinking of her.

Cloudia - yes, I saw that before it was deleted. That's why you never post photos of your actual boat, I'm guessing. While I'd like to see, I understand entirely. As for making money with music, people willing to pay for small gigs like weddings, funerals, etc. if you can play keyboard.


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