Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Once Was Lost....

...but now, my cell phone is found! I looked everywhere, remembered the last I saw it, and could only think that it fell out of my car at baseball practice - at a public park. I had scoured Eugene, looked in all the cracks, under the seat, even in the glove box where I would not have put it. No luck. This was serious, as maybe someone was at this moment using up all my minutes to call some foreign land. I imagine my bill ballooning to thousands of dollars. Aside from that, I felt naked without my phone.

I suspend my account, but not my search, and I check Eugene over and over, fruitlessly. Finally, yesterday, I looked once again under the driver's seat. No phone. A small canvas CD case was under the seat that used to belong to dh when he drove this van. Noticing it was unzipped, I looked inside - and there was my phone! Somehow, it had fallen under the seat, flipped backward, and slipped inside this pocket of the case.

I relayed my joy to dh (at work) by email. He amused me with this story about his dad, who was a dairy farmer:

I remember when my Dad was working on one of the big grain trucks when he was in his mid-forties. He used to keep his wallet in the top pocket of his bib-overalls and while bent over the hood the wallet fell out and lodged in the engine compartment. Of course he didn’t realize it at the time and only noticed his wallet was gone at the end of the day.

They found his wallet some 15 years later while they were rebuilding the engine..

Has something like this happened to you?


Anonymous said...

Something exactly like that happened to me 2 years ago. One day I could not find my glasses, I looked on every surface in every room. I looked under furniture and in drawers and the closet, I looked in the car. I had to conclude they were gone and I dug out my spare pair and started wearing them. About 3 days later my gaze settled on a fat yellow stuffed chicken on a shelf next to the TV which played the "Chicken Dance" music if you touched it. There on the chicken's head were my missing glasses. They looked natural there as if the chicken needed them. My grandaughter Gracelyn admitted she had put them there.

Cloudia said...

Feels SO good when you find it!

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

pita-woman said...

Too many times to count such things have happened.
But one specific...
I normally wear el-cheapo watches because I'm so rough on them, but I did have one really nice watch, gold, very dainty. I lost it one spring while preparing to go on a camping trip. Found it later in the fall while cutting the lawn. The face had a small crack in it, but it still works to this day!


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