Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Sky with a View

I was over visiting Cloudia and her observations of the hawk in Hawaii. It put to mind the buzzards that I saw two days ago while riding my horse. They were spiraling above me, five of them, looking for the next meal. As Etta and I paused in our trotting around the arena, I noticed something. Each buzzard was at a different altitude, circling, circling slowly, looking. One was so very high, I wasn't sure if it was another buzzard or a smaller bird. But no, it was a buzzard. They flew, each one at a different level, to maximize the type of vision possible from varying heights. Perhaps the way-up-there buzzard could see far, far away, noticing something larger that needed inspection. The buzzard closest could see the smallest movement right below him, close up.

Would that humans would appreciate that we can all be at different places, see differently, yet appreciate that it collectively makes us as a community more successful at whatever we are seeking.

What a long day yesterday! Supporting each child in their individual pursuits. All different, yet making us stronger together.

We had the most awesome (which my priest says means both "fearful" and "wonderful" at the same time) thunderstorm yesterday. It down poured hail! It passed us by rather suddenly, leaving behind bizarre piles of ice balls under the eaves of buildings.

Trying to "spring forward" but finding that my spring is sprung a bit.


Jenn Jilks said...

Hello! Thanks for commenting on my video post~ and still they are falling through the snow and ice!

I bet your animals sprung you forward today! Our cats did - bouncing off hubby's chest to land in the window where squirrels dance on the bird feeder!

I didn't know if you had seen this website: Teachers Pay Teachers. I have put a few items on it: check it out in my sidebar. There are items created by teachers for teachers. cheers to spring!

Friko said...

Hi Junosmum
Thank you for commenting on my blog.
It so happens that I was watching buzzards yesterday as well, circling at low altitude, then rising, above a wonderful nature reserve I was visiting with my dog.


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