Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's a New World - Or Is It?

Anna turned the house upside down yesterday looking for my Beatles CD.  We’ve not found it yet.  The urgency was due to Dvořák’s New World Symphony, which was playing at high speed in her head.  She figured the only way to cancel it out was the Beatles, new music from the old world. 

Several days back, the girls dragged out dh’s record player and vinyl discs into the main living area.  This past year, Lauren discovered that vinyl records have much better sound than CDs, mp3s and tapes.  We now listen, old fashioned, to records, some of them I purchased many years ago at age sixteen. 

My mom had returned to work, and I did the family grocery shopping.  Each week or so, they’d have a new record on a famous composer at the end of the aisle.  I used my own money to buy each one.  I enjoyed them, but did not play them a lot.  I was thinking of my future children when I bought them.  Honestly, and yes even at that young age.  Here we are, many years later.

Lauren plays them, I should clarify.  Anna has discovered dh’s old vinyls – Pink Floyd, The Eagles.  Still searching for my CD, she’ll have to use those for now to drown out the New World.

Lauren's essay is the blog post that gets the most direct hits, mostly in Europe, particularly in the UK.  

Handfuls of hair are coming off the fuzzy miniature horses.  It will be warm soon.

I wormed three of the chickens.  As a result, their combs seem very bright red, more so than the other chickens.  

New neighbors moved in next to a friend of mine.  William went to visit and told me several times that day about rolling down the hill in the really big (moving) boxes.   Who needs toys when you have boxes?

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whitetr6 said...

Great. Now I've got that english horn solo stuck in my head :-)


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