Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lester The Third

There is just something primal about having a rooster go after you. It kicks in some caveman instincts and I find myself in a rage. I clean his crappy cage, I feed him, I give his hens choice garbage from the kitchen. Yet he comes after me.

I'm thinking he is in the February dumps, too, and being overly caged from the snow, he is aggressive. Who isn't? Still, I find myself flailing and kicking at him. I'd kill him in that moment. Then, I calm down as he plans his next leap at me. When he does, I grab his feet and he now is hanging upside down. "Whose your daddy now?" I ask him, holding him aloft so he can look at my mean expression. He reconsiders his position in my flock. For this moment. He never learns and will likely attack again. Time to find someone that wants chicken-n-dumplins a la Lester.

I see my Google ad today is for free recipes. How appropriate. Do they include Chicken a la Lester?


pita-woman said...

You just keep adding to my bird-phobia.

whitetr6 said...

Pita, I'll toss in another vision... this morning on my way in to work I passed a large tree bare for winter, filled - and I do mean filled - with massive vultures. Hope they were just planning on taking care of some poor beast that met its demise, and not stalking me.

C, better cook him soon before all that extra physical exertion makes him tough :-)

Cloudia said...

Appreciate the great vignette and your honesty. We all feel that primal "kick in" with the right provocation. Luckily your emotions seem appropriate!

Aloha, my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Cloudia said...

Oh, and geese are really scary too!


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