Saturday, March 20, 2010

More LOL

Being classical music geeks, one of our favorite movies is Amadeus, but you can't really get the full effect unless you watch it with Lauren. In this movie, Mozart has an infectious laugh, and each time he does, Lauren laughs back.

You can find clips of the movie on YouTube. This evening, as we were watching a few, I challenged her to watch one without laughing. In this clip, Mozart comes in while Salieri is showing the Emperor his new composition. Mozart, thinking it a bit simple, spices it up. At the end, he laughs and so does Lauren, losing her bet! (I had hoped to show you a video of Lauren losing the bet, but it won't upload. I will try again later.)

Here is the clip from YouTube. Watch to the end to see if you can keep from laughing.


whitetr6 said...

Lauren, I can empathize - love the movie. A scene that always cracks me up is when he's chasing Constanze under the tables and starts talking backwards.

pita-woman said...

So what exactly did she have to do to pay-up when she lost the bet??

Junosmom said...

Mark, I like that, too.

PITA, oh, nothing, it was just a verbal challenge. On second thought, she ought to have to do the dishes for a week or something.


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