Monday, March 29, 2010

I need more sleep

Given the way my weekend went, I'm thinking of installing a revolving door in our house.  During one of my stops at home, I noticed part of the newspaper in the stack of mail with "read this" written on the top and a small article circled:  Man, 90, is accused of killing wife, 89.

I look over at dh. Why did he want me to see this? Well, it just goes to show, he says that enough is enough. After 67 years of marriage, the guy finally snapped, the last straw. Okay, so he has a strange sense of humor. Perhaps that's why we get along so well, although perhaps I should watch my step as we get older.

Last week, I began washing all the winter clothing from our mud room area in the basement. I prefer the house to not smell like horse pee
all year. Putting away winter items virtually guaranteed that it would turn colder again, and sure enough, it is cloudy and in the 40s and 50s. Ironically, two months ago, I would have been rejoicing in the "warm" weather by comparison to the freezing temperatures.

Farm stores are filling with seed catalogs and small delicate green plants. I begin daydreaming of plowing up the garden and how I'll spend warm days in the sun, being domestic and bringing baskets full of fresh produce to our table. My family oohs and ahs at my industry. Pop goes the dream bubble. Dh "strongly advises" that I quit any thoughts of a garden this year before it gets out of hand. He knows that many dollars later, we'll have a $32 tomato and lots of weeds, all nicely fenced off of course. He's right.  Thing is, by the time I have time to garden, there won't be as many people around to eat the results.

After such a busy weekend, I am envying bears and thinking of going into hibernation for a month.


pita-woman said...

$32 tomato... I've often wondered how much our homegrown 'maters cost us when all is said and done.

Cloudia said...

lovely Spring post.

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Junosmom said...

There is a book by this title, the $32 tomato, at least I think so.

Thank you Cloudia.


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