Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chicken Butt

Dh paused over the rice, held up the large serving spoon, and said, "You haven't used this spoon to scoop out a chicken butt or anything have you? It's clean, right?"

Lucky for him, I was laughing too much to be insulted, but I inquired as to why he would think that I'd use our only good large serving spoon on a chicken (and just how one "scoops out" a chicken butt).

"Well, you have cleaned chicken butts before, and we do have salad tongs in the bathroom, so it's not inconceivable that this spoon has been used for something other than food." (I've now ensured that I will never be invited to a potluck again nor will anyone ever accept invitations to eat at our house.) And no, I've never used it to scoop out chicken butts. Not yet, anyway.


David Cranmer said...

This may be the only post in the world with chicken butt in the title:)

I enjoyed the morning chuckle. Thanks.

whitetr6 said...

Just when you thought the Internet couldn't be any weirder...

Cloudia said...


Aloha, Farm

Comfort Spiral


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