Sunday, May 06, 2007

Celebrity City

Well, the Queen didn't take me up on my invitation to drop by yesterday after the Derby. I'm sure she had a plane to catch. Louisville was all impressed with itself and the number of celebrities that came to our fair town to watch the horses run. The whole idea of celebrity amuses me and digusts me at the same time.

The papers were full of supposedly famous people that I'd never heard of. You had your Piddle Daddies and Puff Doodle rap stars (I don't listen to rap), a good number of ex-NFL football players (I don't watch football), lots of TV celebrities (if it isn't on House or Bones, I don't see it), and other supposed celebrities that have no other credit to their being than having acted or sung on TV or screen. Most of them, I not only would not know them if I passed them on the street, but if I did, I'd not have anything to say to them. Somehow, I suspect they don't know anything about what to put in their garden this time of year or how chickens like to hide their eggs from you. There to see horses? Perhaps we could discuss the best manure fork design. Oh, you don't really like horses, just the endless boozy parties. And being seen. I get it.

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