Saturday, May 05, 2007

Oh, Yuck!

Discover Magazine points out that June 9th is World Naked Bike Ride Day, protesting the world's dependency on oil. If you want to participate, you need to head to New York or San Francisco with a banner declaring their favorite slogan, "Less gas, more ass."

Now, I don't know where you live, but Kentucky definitely does not need more ass. Helloooo....we are home of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky ranks as the sixth fattest state in the union. There isn't one person I know that I want to see riding a bike naked, 'cepting maybe my dh just for the pure humor of it.

Dh mentioned that the whole idea sounded decidedly uncomfortable. Picture the little seats on a ten-speed bike seat - on the other hand, let's drop that line of thinking. Dh said he would turnout for World Topless Bike Ride Day, which, however, ruins the slogan.

It won't happen here - home of where we make Derby a holiday: we invite over friends, sit on the couch and eat fried chicken and buffalo wings while watching horses run. But exercise ourselves? In the nude? Will never happen.

Happy Derby Day!


whitetr6 said...

LOL what a picture. Cycling is a delicate balance without much tolerance for untethered moving parts. dh's idea might not work either :-D

Happy Cinco de Derby or whatever...

TC said...

Ugh. I'm still in therapy for all the ab flab I've had to witness at StuffMart over the last 2 years. You know what I mean: those girls wearing jeans that are two sizes too tight, a t-shirt that barely covers their hm-hms, and in between the two is a huge, pierced (!) blob of a belly. Just one jiggling, cellulite dimpled butt on a bike would definitely push me over the edge.

This promotion must have been the idea of some wacko liberal on crack. Al Gore needs a new hobby.

Camflock said...

Yikes! I knew there was a reason we left the East coast! I am still adjusting to the entire city shutting down for Derby thought....isn't the race only 2 minutes long?!


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