Monday, May 28, 2007

Small Town Memorial Day

While it lacked the shooting of cannons by frail, 90 year old men like in dh's hometown (which frankly, always made me a little nervous), the service we attended this morning had all the ceremony, complete with a vocal group and county band. My eyes could not help being drawn to the old woman in red hair wearing bright orange and lime green (to the right of the blue state flag). Will that be me someday? Nah.


Camflock said...

Do you think she really knew that she was wearing bright lime green and orange? Is it possible that her eyes were dimmed by years of computer blogging? Maybe she thought it was a pale peach and light green? There might even be a time that we wear purple and red to be noticed. Do you think she was trying to draw attention?

pita-woman said...

She kind of reminds me of "Maxine".


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