Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Milestone

Wm. came running from the other room where he'd been eating his morning sandwich.
"Mom," whining, "I fell asleep before I brushed my teeth last night and now, my tooth is going to fall out! Can I go upstairs and get my toothbrush and brush my teeth right now??"

Each night, I get him to brush his teeth with a reminder that brushing keeps our teeth clean and healthy, keeps them from getting cavities and falling out. Stupid me, I neglected to mention frequently enough (for surely I have mentioned it, haven't I?) that teeth naturally fall out at age 6 or so, making room for our big teeth. Evidently, I didn't make that point clearly for the boy was in a panic.

Feeling the tooth in question, I detected a slight wiggle, and my guess is that though he's a little on the early side, he will soon lose his first tooth naturally. (I say "naturally" because he had a tooth removed and three caps put on top teeth when he was but a baby. That's another story.) It's hard to believe he's gotten that old already. Now, I'm in a panic.


blue thistle books said...


That is so cute! I love the innocence of children. I just smile all day thinking of moments like these.

I'm sure he was relieved to know it was not due to his forgetfulness!


Camflock said...

Just wondering how much the tooth fairy leaves in your neck of the woods for teeth. With Crisann losing a bunch with in a couple of months, we might need to use your tooth fairy. Ours is not very reliable.

Amanda said...

That is so sweet! It's fascinating the conclusions they reach when we don't give all the pieces of a puzzle. I nursed my first daughter until she was 18months, she's now 2.5 and I am nursing her 1 year old sister. I thought she understood the process. Ha! We watcehd Charlotte's Web the other day and she has been feeding her animals from her belly button ever since ala Wilbur's mom feeding the litter from what looked like her belly button. I find it charming and refreshing to see the world through such a simple eye.

TC` said...

One of my daughters lost 4 teeth in 24 hours. The poor kid was probably worried that she was going to have to go back to eating baby food. :D


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