Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hoppily Ever After

Last Saturday, we attended a cousin's wedding. How refreshing it was! After a church wedding, guests changed clothes and attended a picnic reception. Each family was given a basket (which we got to take home!) and could chose items from a table for their picnic. Forewarned, we'd brought a blanket. Guests sprawled on the church grounds and talked. If not for the cars in the parking lot, it could have been one hundred years ago.

After our picnic, children played tug-of-war, three-legged races, and as you see above, sack races. (Lauren is second from the right.) They also had a dunking booth in place of a dollar dance, and the couple earned quite a bit for their honeymoon by joining the pastor, a groomsman and the bride's father for their turn being dunked in very cold water. There was even a little time for relaxation:
Perhaps, if we had a little less of the "Princess Bride" mentality in this country, and a little more family oriented weddings, we could begin to get our priorities in order.


Camflock said...

Hey wait! I missed the $1 dance at our wedding! I could have financed our honeymoon?! When we renew our vows would Miss Manners approve of us using a dunking booth then? We will have to finance retirement after feeding 3 boys.

pita-woman said...

A picnic wedding reception, what a neat idea!!
btw, the dj at our wedding showed up drunk (or stoned), & didn't play half the songs we'd requested, & forgot to do our $dance.
Wonder if he'd have minded if we'd forgot to pay him?


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