Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Common Cold

Pride goeth before a fall, as the saying goes. I was about to report to you that I'd found a cure for the common cold, having dosed myself with vitamins all winter and avoided sickness even one day. God decided to send a little humility my way in the form of a virus. A common cold virus. I've been just miserable for two days, and even now, am grateful for the written word, that you need not suffer my nasally voice and sniffing.

I'm sure there are many remedies for each little symptom, but the bottom line is that mothers are the energizer bunnies of the world - we keep on going. I did, once or twice, look longingly at my bed, and then continued putting away clothes. I have mulched several flower beds, used the tractor to plow a new one, weeded the old ones, mucked my stalls, cleaned house, etc. Just as I would do if I were not sick.

As badly as this virus hit me, I told dh that he'd better hope that he doesn't get it. He asked if I were implying that he was a poor patient. I plead the fifth. (But look here. Need I say more?

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