Sunday, May 06, 2007

What are you worth?

Quizzes like this may make you feel better, but the truth is, mothers are irreplaceable, and therefore, priceless. (And, even though I'm worth $222,000 a year, I still buy my tshirts at Stuff Mart and put it on one arm at a time.)


Mary said...

It wasn't until I lost my own mom to a car accident 21 years ago on Father's Day that I realized how important one's mom is...the thing is, I loved her when she was alive, and knew I was blessed to have a good mom. What I didn't yet know was how many times I would miss her during important life events, crises and joys alike. Moms are priceless, you are right, Cathy.

Camflock said...

I have had the pleasure of spending enough time with you to know how witty and bright you are. I know you could easily make a huge salary, yet you decided use all your talent to raise your 3 beautiful children. Because of this and many other things I see in you, I am honored to be going through this journey called life and to be calling you my friend. See who needs a silly quiz to tell you what you are worth? Just ask a friend! :)


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