Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reminding Me of the Importance of Just Being

Some may consider me nuts to have had another child in my later years. Yet, just this morning he reminded me of the importance of living in the moment. He reminded me that it was the perfect morning for sitting in the hammock under the maple trees and reading. And, we did.


Diane Day said...

Speaking of important things, I saw your comment on TC's blog regarding disposable underwears...And thought I'd let you know that there is such a thing available. Check out:

Mary said...

Having a child in your later child bearing years is a great blessing, Cathy. I am reminded of Founder Mary White who had her last child at 47. She beat me by 2 years. I know William will be keeping you young for many years to come. I know from experience.

pita-woman said...

Oh!... I hope you weren't referring to my blog from the other day, on the 60 year old new mother of twins.
I don't think your nuts. But I personally wouldn't want to start a family at my age... but if that's what nature should deal me (or anyone), then so be it.


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