Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Next Career

I'm a "P" (on the Myers-Briggs Temperment sorter), I'll admit it. I love to come up with all sorts of ideas, but never implement any of them. I especially relish coming up with ideas for other people. Perhaps a dream job would be getting paid for my opinion. It was with this in mind that I was excited to be chosen for a focus group on a stain removal product. They paid me to tell them what I thought about the advertising for the product. What a good deal!

Technically, I'm probably not a good candidate for a portable instant stain removal product. I don't go out much and am about half as likely to be wearing jeans and a tshirt as I am to be dressed up. In fact, I own this product and only remember using it on other pople, not myself. They asked how embarassing it is to get a stain on myself in public. Ha! That's assuming I don't go out looking that way to begin with. I have kids, what do they expect?? I have animals.

I almost asked them if the product removed manure stains but thought that might not be their target audience. Likely, they are not looking for women whose teen daughter pointed out that I had hunks of chicken manure on my shoes and I was tracking it through the house. Still, I didn't share this more glamorous side of myself with the panel, and hope to parlay this opinion-giving into another career.

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Camflock said...

It made the blog! Have your daughters seen this yet? :)


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