Thursday, May 24, 2007

Needing Better Fences or Better Neighbors

The neighbor's dog who killed the original and much loved Chickin' Lickin' (bantam hen) was good and stayed home for awhile, but she's back and with a friend. She and a neighbor's chocolate lab, sporting a large (and ineffective) shock collar have been visiting my chicken coops at 8:30 a.m. in the morning.

Terrorizing the chickens is bad enough, but the chaos inside the house caused by my beagle-dor (half Beagle, half Labrador) and her two miniature sidekicks is enough to drive anyone insane. I cannot let Beagledor outside to pursue, fearing a large vet bill. So, I went down to the garage and grabbed a can of spray paint. I painted a spot of red on each dog, but remorsefully, followed it with blue because the red looked a great deal like blood. Despite my antagonism towards the dogs and owners, I didn't want to make them appear hurt.

Later, I did relent and call the chickin' killin' dog's owner and request, respectfully, that he keep his dog home in the morning. I plan to get some bright orange spray paint, however, and mark each time the dog has been here. Being nice hasn't worked. It's time to get resourceful.

1 comment: said...

Dear Aunt Cathy,
Just paint a large orange bulleye on each of them and I will take care of the rest

Git'er done


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