Friday, July 14, 2006

Birth Announcement Part II

This birth announcement is a little late, but I know that Chicken Lickin' has her fans. She hatched two more eggs last Monday evening. One, whom I named Caesar, was born by caesarian section, after being pecked by his two day old sibling. Bleeding, we hastened him out of his shell to see if we could help the injury. He was okay. It was a dramatic moment in the chicken world. Caesar was soon followed by another chick, both removed to save them from Cain, their murderous sibling.

Chicken Lickin' had moved off the hatching eggs for some reason, and appeared confused as to whether these were her own hatchlings. When we showed her the chicks, she tried to peck. So for two days, the two new chicks were separated in a separate chicken ward. We then re-introduced them to Cain and Chicken Lickin' and the family is once again happily reunited.

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Don't you just love these disfunctional families?


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