Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sleep Study

Did you miss the sleep study blog? No, I hadn't written it yet. I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. Why is it that a place, designed to study sleep is the least conducive to getting any? It was quiet and clean, but cold enough to hang meat. I knew that the evening was going to be long when I viewed my bed that looked a good deal like a marble slab with one thin blanket. William, of course, had a regular hospital bed, which was no more comfortable but then he can sleep sitting up in a car seat. But he snores and can't seem to get enough air at night, so we hoped that this study would give us answers.

The nurse was kind, but also not conducive to sleep. She was a nurse on caffeine, no doubt, as she had the enviable job of working third shift and watching people sleep. Can you think of a more monotonous job? What her job lacked in excitement she made up for by talking as much and as fast as she could. Calming she was not. After hooking William up to look like a human carburetor, she left us to go to sleep.

"What's that red light up there?" he asked. I told him that it was a night light, which it was in a sense, to help the camera see in the dark. All he needed to know is that people were watching us. It was eerie enough for me to think of sleeping under surveillance.

Then began the long night. Used to the quiet of the country and the sound of crickets, I couldn't sleep to the sound of car horns and the vibration of mega-stereos. William pushed the nose piece off his nose repeatedly throughout the night. I'd hear the machine noise change, and so I'd wake up and wait for the nurse to come fix it. Several times, she didn't show, most likely counting a few zzzz's herself, and so I did it. It was a miserable night.

The worst of it is that after a month of waiting for the appointment, it's another month's wait for the answers. I'll be dead of exhaustion by then.

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