Thursday, July 13, 2006

Renaissance Faire IV - And then on to other things

I had hoped that the RenFaire would prove to be an educational experience, count as a "field trip", but I must admit that though it was a fun mix of mud fights, booty-licious outfits, and weird sights, there's a good chance it gave a false impression of what life might have been like. It was just good fun, though, I'll admit and gave us a taste for looking for more of them.

The girls, I do think, learned more in preparing for the faire. What time period was this? What fabrics were "authentic" and what colors? What strata of society would the clothing we made represent? For example, we learned that the lower classes would have worn linen, the higher classes cotton. Now, it it reversed in terms of cost of the material. The girls had learned that the bodice should be very tight, because Queen Elizabeth was flat-chested, and so a lady would want to imitate that (although spilling out the top because of it.) Well, I guess I'll close this chapter and move on.

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