Saturday, July 01, 2006

Some Like It Hot

I was on a search and destroy mission. Shopping. It's right up there with mucking stalls for me. Take that back, I enjoy mucking stalls compared to shopping. Perhaps it's because they don't make clothes that fit my short petite frame. Or maybe, because my feet, deformed with bunions, don't fit the sexy type of shoe that my friend Becky says screams "take me now". (Okay, she used a different word that won't form in my mouth or my fingers won't type.)

But, shopping with an agenda was my assignment today. Dh's 25th reunion is tonight. Right after shopping, I list going to parties where I don't know anyone in my definitions of Hell. But, I wouldn't think about sending him there without a woman on his arm. Me, that is. So, off I went.

Hours later, dh called my cell phone. Was I lost? Was I okay? I was almost finished after dropping an obscene amount of money. My idea of a good buy is a Hanes Her Way t-shirt from Walmart.

It was a difficult assignment. An outfit that looked smart and rich, slightly sexy but not sleazy, and definitely not below my age. This was an impossible combination. Oh, and it had to make me look taller. Finally, at one store, I saw a jacket that I loved. It exuded good taste and style. Alas, it was also $178 just for the jacket. Although it retailed for over $500, it still was outside my price range and size. Plus, I would have looked silly just wearing the jacket for I couldn't afford the rest of the outfit.

Yes, I had found what I needed and I'm late for getting ready. At least the time tonight won't be wasted. I'm sure it will provide loads of good blog material.

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pita-woman said...

Amen to the whole shopping experience. I was going to type a long comment to this, but think I'll write my own blog on the subject. It'll be out later this week.


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