Thursday, July 06, 2006

Notes of All Sorts

Heard from William: "I wish we could live with Grandma and Grandpa." Why? "So Grandpa could ride me around in the golf cart all day."

More or Less

We went to the county fireworks display on July 4th. For a small area, it was a big display, over 30 minutes. I noticed, however, that many people left before the "grand finale", perhaps bored after seeing "Thunder over Louisville". It is sad how it is so hard to impress people these days.

It Must Be the Weather

It is strangely cool this morning, so much so that it was too cold to drink my morning coffee on the front porch. But I noticed that it is an egg hatching day. Yes, we heard a peep from Chicken Licken's basket this morning. (I admit I'm the only person I know with a live chicken in my kitchen.) Sure enough, an egg is hatching. It is taking a long time, but progress is being made.
In the barn, a swallow laid eggs in our box of rubber gloves. Two have hatched so far today.


William has snored since birth. It has gotten so bad that finally, with sometimes a pause in his breathing, that I took him to the ENT, who referred me to a sleep specialist who gave me appointement with a sleep clinic. All these referrals, months ago, bring me to tonight's sleep study for him. Of course, according to Wm., he's not going. And of course, after waiting and losing sleep over his losing sleep, he seems to be not snoring hardly at all anymore. Doesn't it figure?

Like Being in a Candy Store

After recording another blog at the radio station today, we went to the downtown public library. The girls and I had a hard time stopping ourselves - all this "free" stuff. We could hardly carry it out to the car. So much fun!

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Nadine - Healthifica said...

Good for you! It's great that William stops snoring.

I've just written about how to stop it. Seems like you already made it!

However, I linked you up in the post, if you don't mind.


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