Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Renaissance Fair

The date we'd set aside for the Renaissance fair was approaching. Two weeks before, the girls had decided that to get the full experience, they'd like to go in costume. We looked on eBay and other sources and found that while there is quite a market for the clothing, it is also expensive. Very expensive. So, the girls decided that they could make the costume.

"I don't sew," I said decisively. Sewing is torture. All those patterns and directions written in English but somehow sounding to me like someone Chinese wrote them just after completing ESL class.

We know, we know
but just help us get started.

"Just take us to Wallyworld to get the pattern, just help us get the fabric."
"Okay, but you'll have to get someone else to help you sew." Right.
As they looked at the pattern, Wm. danced up and down. The toy department was strategically (sadistically?) placed next to the fabric department. "Can I have this (4 foot) Superman doll? Please? Can I have the little one, then? Please, oh, please oh please oh please, oh, pleeeeaaaaase!"

"I can't do this," I said, giving up. We left. The girls understood, but they hadn't given up. After a search of the internet which yielded some, uh interesting, costumes (people are WEIRD! do ya know?), we found the Tangled Web site that had how to make the costumes simply and without a pattern. Did I mention that I DON'T SEW??

We know, we know
but just help us get started.

We got the fabric (sans Superman aka Wm.) and started sewing. Did I mention I don't sew? The skirt actually was rather easy, and the girls did a lot themselves. This was a learning project, I kept telling myself. But by Friday, (the fair was Sunday), all they had were the skirts. So Saturday, I told them to step aside, I'd have to work quickly. They helped with some of the hemming and ironing, but we actually got done! My whole day, the whole thing, sun up to sun down, was spent sewing. I guess now I can say I sew a little, but don't plan to repeat the experience.

Here are the costumes and more later on the next blog about the festival.


mommaof4 said...

You guys did a great job!!!!

pita-woman said...

They look marvelous!
Maybe I could hire you to sew me some outfits. ;)

Anne said...

Those look great! Can't wait to read about the fair.

I don't sew either but I DO own a sewing machine. Oh, and we saw that giant superman doll too.

jar said...

Those outfits are adorable

Favorite Apron said...

But Cathy, sewing is fun!
We went to a Ren Faire outside of Atlanta one year. I was really overwhelmed. It seemed lmore like a big party for the goth/"boobage"/mud wrestling crowd and less like an accurate interpretation of the time.


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