Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Renaissance Faire III

My greatest impression was that the "Faire" was a most impressive display of boob-age. Were people of that time so immodest? Well, the bodice was their "bra" of the time, worn on the outside and providing support (or not, as I saw several times). The bodice often barely covered the breasts. I saw more of some of the participants than I desired to. It did give us something to jab each other in the ribs about: "Pssst. Look right, woman in red skirt." One rather well endowed and substantial older woman sat in a stall of goods. "See anything you like?" she called out. Her sisters were trying to escape her very loose chemise. "Uh, no," I'm thinking to myself, "seeing something I'd rather not see." Still the long skirts hid a good deal of flaws and were a refreshing change from today's world of displaying one's backside crevice.

The grandest thing was that the people "working" there appeared to be enjoying every minute of it. Set in the woods out in the country and with a wooden wall surrounding the entire towne, it felt realistic, though I'm no historian. Okay, there were a few times when I thought that a few of the people were missing a few French fries from their happy meal, but mostly, people just seemed to be having a good time. Without TV! Without electricity! Just the sound of music from instruments and the laughter following a good joke.

Had I lived in those times, I'd be considered old, being over forty years of age, and likely would have my physical complaints and no teeth. Yet, there was something about the simple pleasures and being outside. We laughed with the boy who laughed each time his dad threw the hatchet at the target and missed. We enjoyed the mud show and laughed at the people in the front row who got splashed (we were pre-warned). The joust was fun, as the girls ride mounted games that have similar activities, though thankfully do not try to unseat the other riders.

Many vendors were there, and like vendors of those times, were desperate to sell, calling to us, "Come, my lady, and look." The food was good. I had kettle corn unlike any popped corn I've ever had. Delicious. I had fun looking at all the clothing for sale.

Simpler times. Better times? I don't know. Less stress maybe. Less things. Only a few things to take care of. Closer to nature. More respectful of the few things we do have, maybe. It think of this today as I do laundry. If everyone only had one work outfit and one good dress......

Yet - I've never gone hungry. I've not watched my children die from what are now preventable diseases. I don't have to be hot or cold. I can take a shower. I can read and write. We have BOOKS! Yes, I enjoyed the faire, and maybe there is some of it I can incorporate into my life. I do think it would be fun to do a whole week living in such a place. But I'll stay here in modern times, stress and all, thank you.

More information about the faire, which will be held annually in Eminence, Kentucky at I will make a web page of more photos when I get a chance and link here on my blog.


pita-woman said...

Tee-hee, that was funny!
Well, from all the historical romance novels I've read over the years, even though they didn't "speak" about the human body, they did seem to display the women's "charms" rather daringly back then, probably more so than nowadays.
As for you being old (back then), just think, both of your girls would probably already be married with tots of their own.
Yeah, stick with the 21st century.

mommaof4 said...

I love reading your blog! Lots of LAUGHS! I used to live just 3 miles from Eminence. Just a few houses down from the crossroads.


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