Saturday, July 29, 2006


We Freecycled our barn. Built thirty years ago by yee-haws who didn't know the first thing about construction, it was coming apart at the seams, literally. So, we planned out a new barn to be built by the Amish, and included in that was the price of demolition of the old.

It costs a lot to destroy something. Though kids are usually very good at demolition, it was a dangerous job. Also, the barn contained some very old, very hard and 2" thick yellow pine that was tongue-in-groove. It is speculated that it was recycled from an old factory floor or perhaps the floors of old railcars. I hated to see it go into a dumpster.

So, I connected with a man and his family that were willing to take the barn down in exchange for all the wood. In addition to being thrilled to have this work done, I've enjoyed getting to know Jim and his family.

They've been working on it all week. Here's a video of a side coming down:

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