Monday, July 03, 2006

The Reunion

I knew that dh was right about the dress code the moment we pulled into the parking lot and I saw Beetlejuice. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans, with a chain dangling from his pocket to keep would be pick-pockets from stealing his wallet. I was momentarily distracted from the presence of celebrity while I counted the tatoos on his wife. I dragged my eyes away to the couples slowly making their way to their 25th high school reunion.

"Oh, no!" I gasped, taking off my killer (literally) shoes. I slipped on my casual sandals I had prudently brought "just in case". Nearly all the attendees were dressed in capris, jeans, and shorts. When they said casual, they meant Casual. As in Picnic Casual. Still, I was happy to be in my skirt and blouse, which weren't too dressy. Better over dressed than under.

It was the usual reunion: people checking nametags before speaking, trying to match the face before them with the memory of a face. One woman walked by. "Did she have those in high school?" I asked dh. He didn't know who she was. I saw from her name tag that she was in their class, and surmised that her new figure was purchased along with her orange miniskirt or dh would have remembered her.

We had a nice dinner and enjoyed the "awards" ceremony. They had the typical awards - longest married, travelled farthest to be there, most changed. "Who is most recently divorced?" the MC asked. No one wanted to admit to this dubious honor, but one man, dressed in a yellow tank top and sporting a pony-tail, yelled out that he might be the longest divorced. When people laughed, he again yelled out that if they had an award for youngest second wife, he might win that, too. We would have won an award for the youngest child except that dh did not want attention drawn to himself and wouldn't claim it.

I had to admit that dh was right (boy, that hurt! but he was gracious about it)- capris or jeans and a t-shirt would have been okay. Live and learn.


pita-woman said...

I laughed my butt off! That was great. My 20th reunion should be happening this summer, but apparently my classmates again failed to put one together.

Favorite Apron said...

Hehehe. I stayed home from my 20th several yrs back for some odd reason. Probably because I knew I had changed, but in my mind's eye, everyone else was the same. Which of course is not true.

I think you should have worn the Take Me Now shoes and enjoyed being dressed up. I have a friend that says you should always be "one click up" (that is, dressed better than the next person).

I could write a big blog post about how disgusted I am by the casualness of our society. Nobody has any clue on appropriate attire. A guy in a tank top? Eww. But then again, you are in Kentucky!!!LOL.


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