Friday, January 06, 2006

Boy Play

Posted by Picasa Today, I left the girls at home doing homework, and took Wm to a "playplace". It wasn't what I had hoped - a large indoor jungle gym. They did have a smaller version, but aside from that, it was a large open space filled with plastic toys, nice ones I'll grant you, but still not just a physical workout. I mean, the boy needs to burn off some energy!

I did see three five, maybe six year old boys and got a view into what life might be like in the future. They play hard !!! It was as if they were determined to kill each other in the madness to race up the surface and go down the slide. The slide in itself (I know 'cause like a fool, I went down it) gave off electrical shocks that were sure to reset their brain wiring. My girls NEVER played like these boys were playing.

Despite feminism, there does seem to be some wiring that directs how and what boys play. Wm is definitely into proving how strong he is, and that he is a "super-hero". His favorite gift this Christmas were a set of giant rubber fists that make a noise when you hit someone with them. (This went over big with his sisters, let me tell you.) As I watched Wm play, he chose the Playmobil firefighters and police station. The little girl in the same area chose the houses and castles. The zoo and airport appeared to be gender-free.

Above is a photo of my super strong boy.

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