Tuesday, January 24, 2006


We have a mini-trampoline that I purchased some time back with the intention of becoming fit. (HA) Little did I think, that each time I place a foot on it, all the kids and dogs get on it, too. Plus, a middle-aged woman's body just wasn't meant to jump (admit it, ladies).

Anyway, it has since resided in the basement getting little use. I've moved it upstairs and put it in front of the TV where it is on its way to getting worn out. Yes, the kids like to lay on it or recline on it while eating and watching TV. Seriously, though, they do often jump while watching TV, which brings me to my title, "Jumpoline", William's own coined phrase for this piece of equipment. It makes more sense than "trampoline". From where did that word come anyway? You don't "tramp" on it, at least I don't. So, jumpoline it is.

He has gotten the notion that it also doubles as a slide and wants us to prop it in various locations so that he can slide down it. He complains that our slide in the back yard is too small, and that we need one inside. I wonder if we could just install a slide from the second floor instead of having steps. Why don't they do that anyway? If kids built houses, that's the way it would be.

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pita-woman said...

Tee-Hee! So true, we weren't meant to bounce.
My husband got me one of those items a couple of wedding anniversaries ago... what do you think he was hinting at?
It only was used a couple of brief times, as I stopped because #1), it required an effort on my part, & #2) it made the entertainment center shake and sway, and I had visions of it crashing over on me while I bounced. It now sits propped up in the corner, collecting dust and hiding the stereo.


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