Friday, January 27, 2006

Irresponsible, No-Good, Lousy, Rotten Dog Breath....

Okay, you get the idea. Today, I learned why God did not invest in me the power to throw red-hot lightening bolts from my eyes, reducing my foe to a sizzling pile of ash. She deserved it! I took Wm to the local fast-food playplace joint, where I can read my book, drink three gallons of diet soda, and he can play to his heart's content with real kids.

While there, a family came in. Four adults, two teens and a child who, judging from the teeth just now growing in when he smiled near me, was about seven or eight years old. I hear the woman answer her cell, and clearly say that the doctor said it was strep and gave "him" antibiotics. WHAT!? Same child was now up in the incubation tubes of infection, giving it to my child. Too late. He's been exposed.

I debated on my reaction. Perhaps I should stand up and shout "STREP!!! Everybody out!" I mean, are they totally clueless? Don't care? Think their rights to a quick hamburger over-ride my child's rights to stay away from their child's cooties?

Finally, I walked by casually on my way to fill up my mega-drink and said something, as a homeschooler, I always hate hearing others ask, "Is school out today?"

"No, " she pointed at her teen daughter. "She just got suspended from school for a few days" okay I didn't need to know that "and he's not feeling well". I must have stood there with my mouth open, as I didn't know what to say to that. (This is when if I had "superpowers" I might have lost it, and why God in his wisdom, didn't give me any.) So, I said, "did I hear you mention STREP?"

"Yes, he has strep but he's past the contagious stage now," she lied. I know she lied because I heard her say they'd just come from the doctor. I must have sent out some negative energy though, for they left shortly after they ate their bucket of fries.

This experience was followed by a woman bellowing at her child up in the clubhouse part of the playplace. "Cody, you get down here right now, we're leaving."
Cody: NO!
Woman: Cody, I mean it, you get down here right now.
Cody: NO!

Woman is too large to come after Cody. Cody knows it, woman knows it, so she threatens to whip him good if he doesn't get down here now. Okay, so this REALLY motivates Cody and he makes no move to come down to get the beating of his life, for Woman is really mad now.

Cody catches another boy up there in a neck hold and proceeds to wrestle him. Cody is very lucky the boy he chose to bully was not my son. Superpowers or not, I'd have come after him. Finally, the other boy escapes and makes it down the slide with red marks around his neck. Cody, not too bright, finally comes down and is hauled off by his Neandertal mom.

What a day!

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