Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Peter Pan

"I don't want to get big," is a refrain heard frequently in our house. Ds, nearing age four, is mourning the loss of privileges such as being carried around like a prince everywhere he goes. My small frame can no longer carry 35 pounds all concentrated on one hip without feeling like I've been run over by a truck the next day.

This Peter Pan syndrome started a few months back with crying and gnashing of teeth about not wanting to "get a Daddy voice". Somewhere along the line, ds learned that as he got older, his voice would deepen and change to become more like Daddy's. When I asked him why it bothered him, he declared that "then I won't be William anymore". This progressed into daily declarations that despite all measurements to the contrary, he was NOT going to grow up.

We've reassured him, regaled him with all the neat things bigger kids can do, to no avail. He assured me that it was okay, he'll not miss those things, and besides, even Grandma had said that she doesn't want him to grow up.

Every now and again, there will be something that will come up that only big kids can do - for example ice skating. Oh, all right, he'll say in his best Eyeore voice, I guess I'll get bigger so I can go ice skating. For that day, he forgot his mission to remain a little boy. I suppose we all have a little of Peter Pan in us. I glad he's happy being who he is right at this moment.

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