Sunday, January 15, 2006

Geiger Counter

Anna came back down after looking for a set of headphones which I told her were hanging from the pegs in my bedroom. I asked if she'd looked under the clothes hanging there, as I was sure there were headphones there yesterday. "Daddy even looked," she replied. "Well," I countered, "that's useless. He doesn't even have a uterus."

A common joke around here refers to a female comedienne (we think maybe Roseanne Barr) who claimed her family thought her uterus was a geiger counter, and that only the mom could locate missing items. Evidently, it is only uteri that have been occupied, for both of my daughters' don't work yet. I can tell them exactly where something is located and the object still eludes them.

So back to the missing headphones. I went upstairs, and looked behind the many pairs of dh's jeans hanging on pegs. (Side note: If you try to produce a nice Shaker look by putting pegs around the perimenter of the room, it will soon look as if you've wallpapered with jeans and men's shirts. Dh says at least he hangs up his clothing!) Indeed, the headphones were not where I said they were hanging. So, then, plan B kicks in where one actually has to use a little brain power and initiative to find missing objects. (Dh is observing from the bed, where he reclines watching football on TV.)

I push aside a pair of jeans to find that the headphones had fallen and landed in a box of books directly underneath the pegs. Aha! See, you actually have to MOVE things and look down sometimes, sometimes up, sometimes under. Perhaps, and most likely, it is just that they KNOW that I'll use my geiger counter to find things, and quickly, which is easier than actually putting forth a little effort to look themselves. I should charge a finder's fee.

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