Saturday, January 21, 2006

Woman Killed by Waffle Iron

Okay, this didn't really happen - yet. But, it seems likely given that unnamed members of my family are likely to shove just about anything into any space in an attempt to put it away. I suppose I should be grateful that the attempt was made.

I have been busy organizing and decluttering my kitchen as Flylady directs, yet with limited space, it must all fit together like Russian nesting dolls. The waffle iron is one item that seems to find a way to come crashing down on my head from the overhead cabinet. If it ever makes it's mark, it would make sensational headlines.

Yesterday, I replaced the hinges on the two heavy doors to the pantry cabinet. They open from the middle outward, making the perfect place to hang your arms and lean with all your body weight while you peruse the slim pickings of food for an afternoon snack. Unfortunately, all this weight on the spring hinges causes them to break, and making the doors stay popped open. Thank goodness for the internet, so that I find parts to keep this well-oiled machine going. (snort)

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