Friday, January 06, 2006

Getting Back into the Swing

It has been difficult to write lately. I am one of those people that don't handle Christmas well. The additional pressure to be Martha Stewart, buy presents and travel all in one month is just too much for me. My bah-humbug attitude doesn't go over well, so this year, I tried harder. I think I succeeded, but it left little time for things I like, such as blogging. Also, with traveling, I had limited privacy and computer time.

I was home one day from our Christmas travel before the girls informed me that there was a Mounted (Pony) Games practice in Lexington on New Year's Day. In Lexington. Dh was going to watch football, so I took them (and two horses). The day after, Wm had developed a stomach virus which has lasted several days. He is just now recovering. Anna was sick yesterday, but seems to have a milder case. I am holding my breath that the rest of us do not get it!!

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