Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I thought I'd share Cindy's story, as it a story of hope and possibilities. Cindy is a nine year old Chocolate Lab who came to live with my neighbors about 4 years ago. It was her second home. Her first owners were moving, the kids had lost interest, and they didn't want to spend the money to get a fence at the new house. Cindy found a home with our neighbors who had an older, outside dog that had lost it's companion dog a while back. Both dogs lived a decent life on the farm, coming in on cold nights and barking at passing horseback riders (including me).

Then, disaster struck again. Cindy's owners divorced and moved to the city, leaving her and her old dog companion behind. We fed them daily, until we left for a Christmas vacation. When we returned, we learned from the owner that the older dog had died, leaving Cindy alone. She was so scared, that when she saw me, she'd bark and urinate. She shook all over. With persistance (and some spaghetti and meatballs), I persuaded her to let me in the outdoor pen. Finally, she decided I was okay, and magically, she was tranformed back to her true personality.

At nine, she would still romp, play and ran about check all her spots in the yard. This youthfulness in an older dog, and her sad eyes when she was penned up motivated me to find her a new home. I emailed, I called, I contacted rescue places. I was told that because of her age, I'd not find Cindy a home easily, if at all. Finally, emails came, and I had seven people interested.

Cindy this weekend went to a homeschooling family with two older kids, and a Standard Poodle that needed a friend. Last I heard, they were sharing a rahide and laying together on an old blanket. I am hoping that Cindy behaves, and doesn't eat their neighbor's ducks, and lives happily ever after with her new boyfriend. The End.

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