Sunday, January 08, 2006

Prime Time?

Today's church bulletin announce a chili dinner potluck for the Prime Time club. At my MIL's church, this same club is known as the Over the Hill Gang. I could not believe my eyes (time for bifocals?) that our church admits new members on their 50th birthday. Since when is 50 years enough to be considered "senior"? At a time when people live longer than ever, they are considered old earlier and earlier. It is hard to believe that within the next decade (that's as close as I'll admit) that I'll be eligible for discounts and retirement clubs because of my age.

Truth is, I'll still be shuttling Jr. and probably his sisters to horse riding competitions, soccer games and the like. I won't have time for golf scrambles and spaghetti dinners. I find it ironic that at a time in which some are enjoying "Prime Time" and early retirement there are increasing numbers of us who are still parenting young children.

I find myself these days looking at parents. She's so young, I think. She was but a high schooler yesterday. Sometimes, I'll assume the person about my age is the parent, only to find they are the grandparent. I'm careful in my choice of words with strangers. I haven't so far been assumed to be Wm's grandma - but I suppose the day is coming. I'm just hoping I don't whack the person.

That said, I consider myself so blessed to have my little boy now in my "old age". I'm having my grandparently time now. There is NOTHING like having a little hand reach up and pat your cheek, saying "You're a GOOD mommy."


pita-woman said...

50 is indeed considered "senior"... I remember how shocked my father was when he received in the mail, shortly after turning 50, an application to join A.A.R.P.
Look at it this way, even though you may have to work (if you're among those that work outside of the home) 'til you're 65 or 70+, you can enjoy discounts at restaurants, hotels & movie theaters now... what a bonus! Guess that's in case we don't live long enough to actually see retirement.

FatcatPaulanne said...

Personally, I'm in denial about how close the big 5-0 is getting.


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