Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Come On and Admit It, You've.....

  • Called your cell phone to see if you can find it
  • Gone upstairs, stood in the hallway trying to remember why you went upstairs
  • Gone to Walmart to get one specific item, bought several other things while there but forgot the one item which prompted the trip in the first place
  • Called your kids by the dog's name and the dog by the kids' names.
  • Tried using your panic button on your car keys to find your car, since you've forgotten where you parked
  • Put something in the microwave and forgotten it until the next day
  • Put the salt in the refrigerator and the salad dressing in the freezer

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Okay, I admit to a few of those.
But I can honestly say I've never put salt in the fridge & dressing in the freezer, or used the panic button to find my lost car.
The reason I usually lose my car is that I've driven the husbands instead of mine, and I forgot, thereby causing me to wander around the parking lot looking for the wrong car.


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