Friday, March 03, 2006


Foal Watch
Last night, the girls' enthusiam for sleeping in the barn with the expectant mare plummeted with the air temperature. At noon, we were dreaming of spring, so much so that I bought some Boston lettuce plants at the store. The snooty old lady in front of me commented that "someone is awfully optimistic" while eyeing my plants. It just kills me that she was right. Mmmm.. I'll have to build a greenhouse to show her!

The girls claim that temperatures had nothing to do with their change in plans. Lauren spent time online looking at a lot of photos of female horses private parts to determine the signs of impending foal birth. She has decided that the time is not right, and so she will luxuriate in the comfort of her own bed. The horse, if you can call such a small thing a horse (she most closely resembles a large dog, though small than Juno) seems nonplussed about the whole thing.

I have been helping everyone with their laundry, and have decided that they all have too much clothing. I think we should go back to the days when you had one or two outfits for daytime wear and one for "Sunday-go-to-meeting". Wait a minute, that's my wardrobe.

I've been doing my best to fling out things. All it takes is one trip to Walmart and one to a fast food joint for a Zippy Meal and boom, things are piling up again.

My mom says that it's a good thing she talks to my sisters, or she'd not know that Lauren had broken her leg. She must not read my blog. This is fair warning to family and friends that if I know you don't read it, then you are fodder for material!

What I've Read

If ever you were bullied, were the bully or have a child facing bullies, this is a great book to read. Written from a Christian perspective, I had a few minor differences of opinion with him, but I was willing to overlook these for the overall message. I feel the author could have gone deeper into solutions and suggestions for parents, teachers and counselors. Truly, it makes one wonder why adults allow children to behave so. Yet, as he says, adults have their own versions of being bullied.

I've also finished all the books in the series Abram's Daughters by Beverly Lewis. I read these with Lauren, and they are great books for young teens. They carry a message of forgiveness and love throughout the series.

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