Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Impressions

Wm's favorite color is pink, loves to wear mommy's high heels, and play with a tea set inherited from his great-grandma (in which my girls showed no interest). Given this, I might ask you of your first impression of my sweet boy. Often, the true content is hidden beyond our first thoughts.

I asked Wm why he liked pink best. It turns out he likes any food that is pink, as it is likely then to be strawberry or watermelon flavored, his favorite. He likes the pink yogurt best.

As for the high heels, did you know that small feet can jam down into the toe of the shoe and by scooting along with out lifting your feet, you can make the heel hammer down on the hardwood floor, making a cacophony of sound sure to irritate your sisters senseless? He may get renamed - Bam Bam.

As for the tea set, in true male form, we're back to food and "I can do it myself". The set has a pot that he can pour without spilling and he loves being able to do it himself. I refill the dang thing 50 times, for it isn't the "let's have a tea party and talk" experience girls might enjoy (though mine didn't). It's more like "mom, get me more orange juice!" and "let's eat in front of the TV" experience.

So, remember, first impressions are sometimes useful, but sometimes deceiving.

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