Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Real Lessons

Anna's business selling Homeschooler Wristbands started off well, and she sold several wristbands. She was very excited. That very day, we set up an Excel worksheet on her computer, tracking inventory, expenses and income. She also learned how to take the address, copy it, and use MS Word to print the envelope, as she's never been one to like penmanship.

Now, comes the harder part of learning about business. Each day, she eagerly looks at her email and gets the mail, but the orders have stopped coming. It could be that what we thought was a great idea doesn't have a market. Or does it, and we need to market in another way? We've added Paypal to our website, so that buyers can instantly order. We've talked about ways to advertise. She is re-vamping her blog template, in anticipation of writing there. I'm going to put it up on my website for selling items. Most likely, the best way to sell these will be direct contact at homeschool events, yet there haven't been many lately that we could attend.

WHO Ordered the Snow???

The past two days have been cold and snowy. Yesterday, Anna's team's riding practice was cancelled due to the weather. I have broccoli and lettuce slips in the garage, waiting patiently to find their place in my garden. I suppose they'll have to wait.

Please Pray for...

For my dear friend Eva's husband, Don, who after ten years remission from thyroid cancer, is sick again. Don is father to three wonderful children.

For Logan Ayres, a 17 yr old homeschool boy and son of a friend, who has leukemia, just diagnosed.

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Anne said...

I will put a link up on my blogs and on my website as well. My nutrition site pops up on the first/second pages on most of the search engines. I also get quite a bit of traffic at one of my blogs. I've learned a lot about "key words" and how to pop up high on the search engines. She needs to find her "nitch" so to speak.

Has she tried to contact all the "homeschool" sites, etc.? I've been telling people about it.

I'm sorry I haven't e-mailed you back about these but I DO want 3 of them. I will try to remember to reply back to you this evening. Also, I will send you a link to a free site that gives great tips on how to find your nitch on the web and how to pop up high. There IS a market for it - you just got to figure out how to get it out there and how to do it for free or really cheap.


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