Friday, March 17, 2006

Crossing Over

Today was a beautiful, sunny day, if a little chilly. To get Wm away from the TV and annoying his sisters, we went down to the creek to collect sticks for the wood-burning stove and to check the creek for damage after the storm. Wm wanted to cross the creek to climb a hill, and found the bridge that he'd built out of bricks with Lauren some months back. Before I stepped on it, he put out his arm, stopping me.

"Wait! We have to look both ways! Daddy says if you're not in a car, you have to look both ways before crossing."

I just smiled, and didn't tell him that the steamboat service had stopped years ago. Then, we took three steps and were on the other side.

On a gross note, Wm and I inspected the site of a previously known deer carcass. The doe had caught her heel on the barbed wire fence, fallen and broken her neck. All that was left of her this time was her leg, which still hung on the fence. Wm, of course, was fascinated, and we had to get sticks and knock it down. Bad mistake - Daisy Dog was nearby. She ran off with the whole dessicated leg, a giant chewing bone she figures, and we'll probably not see her for hours. Remind me not to let her lick me.

Contest: I'm not feeling real original right now, so I will again enter the names of commentors in a drawing for a free HOMESCHOOLER wristband. Winners announced next Friday.

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FatcatPaulanne said...

My kids felt like it would be a good day to investigate the creek at our house too!


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