Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Contest: Any commentors on my blog or anyone that buys one of Anna's homeschool wristbands will be entered into a contest for a free wristband. Contest ends Friday. These wristbands are a great way for others to see your commitment to homeschooling and are fun for kids, too! (Will fit kids about ages 7 to adult.)

My blog about Patio Dresses got so many readers, that I figure that all of you are just waiting for your opportunity to buy one. So I think it is my duty to tell you that they are on sale at Dillards this week.

Interestingly, my dad said that my Grandma Matthai wore these because they were inexpensive. Now, they cost $50 each! Seems kind of expensive attire to lay around in watching soap operas.

Lauren had a check up on her broken ankle. The doctor reports that it looks great - no change! What? I would think that after two weeks, you'd see some bone growth or something. No, she has another two week of "non-weight bearing" before he'll evaluate if she can walk on it with the cast still on.

Maggie, the miniature horse, is due to foal any day now. Her udder fills in the morning, but goes down at night. You can see her belly "boil". We are hopeful for a positive outcome.

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