Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In The News

I found two rather alarming articles in the newspaper this morning:

Teacher accused of biting is fired
She's charged with assaulting student
A former Stuart Middle School teacher was fired yesterday and is facing an aggravated assault charge after one of her students said she bit him.

(Lauren wonders if the teacher has rabies. Sounds like it, doesn't it?)

Classroom brainwashing
by Thomas Sowell
Governor Bill Owens of Colorado has cut through the cant about "free speech" and come to the defense of a 16-year-old high school student who tape-recorded his geography teacher using class time to rant against President Bush and compare him to Hitler.

The teacher's lawyer talks about First Amendment rights to free speech but free speech has never meant speech free of consequences. Even aside from laws against libel or extortion, you can insult your boss or your spouse only at your own risk.

Unfortunately, there is much confusion about both free speech and academic freedom. At too many schools and colleges across the country, teachers feel free to use a captive audience to vent their politics when they are supposed to be teaching geography or math or other subjects.

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