Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Righteous! One of my newest favorite words combined with one of my newest favorite products. Can't ask for more than that! As a homeschooler, I am sometimes asked if it doesn't cost a lot of money for curricula and materials. Personally, I consider the investment well worth the money. Still, I want to protect the investment.

Computer discs, PS2 discs, DVDs and CDs are wonderful inventions, easier to store than the mountains of VHS tapes I used to have. They tend to not work, however, when smeared with butter, left on the floor, or with major scratches across the surface. OUCH! Some of the computer programs are quite expensive, and each scratch is personally felt.

The answer, until technology changes again, is d_skin Righteous Disc Protectors. These plastic "skins" snap onto the shiny side of the disc. The disc can then be used as it, being read through the plastic skin. If the skin is scratched, you can remove it and put on another one. At $17.99 for 20 at our local superstore, you can protect your DVD or CD for less than a $1 each.

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pita-woman said...

What will they think of next?!


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